Legal Aid and access to justice

FAPAD is a member of the Law Council of Uganda and the Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network: We have championed the quest for justice for poor people in northern Uganda since 2004. We work with survivors of violence, deprivation and other injustices to fight impunity and restore balance in the everyday life. If you are a potential client, our Legal aid desks in Lira will be happy to assist you with your case.

All our services are offered free of charge. Please see if you are eligible.
Eligibility for legal aid services

  • Client should be an indigent person
  • Should be within the project areas of Lango sub-region
  • Client’s right should have been infringed
  • Should have exhausted all the internal local dispute resolution avenues like the local councils, clan leaders, elders within the community, etc.
  • The nature of offense: civil offenses.

Once eligible, clients are offered a myriad of services by our resident and non-resident legal officers. They will assess and advice if your case is most suitable for alternative dispute resolution or an outright litigation in the courts of law. They will support you all the way to the end of the case. We emphasis Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for all civil related cases – for its benefits of building bridges and restoring relations. We carry out regular mobile legal aid clinics in all sub counties in Lango so those who find it hard to travel to Lira may also benefit. Want to know the nature of cases we take for ADR or Litigation? Nature of cases

  • Land matters
  • Child neglect and maintenance
  • Property cases
  • Inheritance cases
  • Debt recovery
  • Negligence
  • Defamation