31 May

Baseline survey has been ongoing

Department: Good Governance


Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD) with support from Trocaire is implementing a one year project that builds on previous interventions with focus on governance and human rights. We believe that access to quality service delivery is a fundamental human right which if strengthened will improve quality of life among the population in Lango sub-region. Good governance department is therefore working to ensure that participation of women and men alongside improved responsiveness by duty bearers in post conflict Lango becomes a reality.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Title of the project

Strengthening access to quality service delivery by women and men in Lango sub-region

Specific objectives

    • To strengthen participation of women and men to improve access to quality service delivery
    • To improve responsiveness of local government to quality service delivery in 18 target sub-counties.

Donor Trocaire

Outcomes of the project

    • Improved quality of life among men, women and children in Lango sub-region.
    • Increased participation by men and women in decision making processes especially in the areas of production, education and health.
    • Improved response by duty bearers to the concern of citizens in relation to service delivery.

Target category/group /beneficiaries of the project

Men, women and vulnerable children

Target number of the beneficiaries

The project will target 7,336 (4,500 Male and 2,836 Female) direct beneficiaries. However, 2,723 (1,923 Female and 800 Male) relevant stakeholders will indirectly benefit from the project.

Geographical location of the project

District (s) Sub County (s)
Lira Barr, Agweng & Agali
Kole Ayer, Akalo & Alito
Oyam Iceme, Minakulu & Ngai

Purpose (s) of activity above in regards to the project

It is meant to ascertain the current status of citizen participation in decision making processes and local government responsiveness to the demands of citizens in the project target areas so that indicators modified.

The approach will be Focus Group Discussion guided by the baseline survey tool (find it attached under Resources).

60 participants are expected to attend the survey from each target sub-county.

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