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Child torture (wound from melted jerrican)

PROJECT: “Combating Silent Violence Against Younger Children in the Post Conflict Districts of Northern Uganda”

Department: Social Protection


FAPAD in partnership with Plan International, Lango Samaritan Initiative (LSIO) and Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) is currently implementing this three year (2013-2016) project.

The project aims at strengthening the capacity of families in northern Uganda to care for and protect children aged 0-8 years against violence through improved relations in homes, functional community child protection structures and systems and a comprehensive government policy on violence against children.

This project covers 5 districts of Lira, Alebtong, Dokolo, Kole and Apac, with a target of 10 sub-counties in the mentioned districts. The project therefore works through an interconnected web on three components of;

a)R-1 Early Childhood Care and Development,

b)R-2StrengtheningCommunity-based child protection structures & Systems and

c) R-3 Effective policies and legislations for protection of children.

FAPAD is therefore responsible for accomplishment of Result 2 and performing actions to achieve this result and will be in charge of coordinating small grants, while LSIO for Result 1 and UWOPA R3.

Plan International is responsible for coordinating and providing technical support to partners.

Specific objective/Title of the project:

To contribute to the reduction of all forms of violence against children of 0-8 years by 2016

    • Donor: European Union (EU)
    • Outcome (s) of the project

Outcome indicator for result 2

    • 50 child protection committees (CPCs) at community level established and functional in the 5 districts;
    • 5 child protection working groups at district level (sub-national level) established and functional;
    • At least 7 agencies per district actively participating in child protection working groups, coordination meetings, and other child protection forums;
    • # of children (exact number to be set during the baseline study) who report receiving support from Community based Child Protection Committees and sub national structures;

Target category/group /beneficiaries of the project

    • children between 0-8 years

Target number of the beneficiaries

    • 45,000 children between 0-8 years, 22,500 families i.e. parents and parenting groups, 50 child protection committees and 5 child protection working groups in the five districts.

Geographical location of the project

AlebtongOmoro & Amugu

District (s) Sub County (s)
Lira Agweng & Aromo
Kole Alito & Bala
Apac Aduku & Apac
Dokolo Adeknino & Okwongodu

Project period

    • Start date:  November 2013
    • End date :  October 2016

Activity Code and Name:Act code: 2.2. Case Management

Name of Sub topic (s)/Theme (s)/session (s)/item to be conducted during activity / training/meeting etc above in this month

    • Guidance and counseling
    • Detecting abuse
    • Referrals
    • Family meetings/mediation
    • Follow up and suport

Duration needed to handle sub topic (s)/theme (s)/session (s) till completion e.g. 3 months/60 days/1 year

    • The duration required for case management is 3 years in the entire project cycle.

Duration needed to handle sub topic (s)/theme (s)/session (s) in this month e.g. 1 or 2 days etc

    • Entire month of May, effective 2nd to 31st 2016

Number of beneficiaries/stakeholders/participants expected to attend each training/meeting/sub topic/theme/session in this month

    • An estimate of 150 cases of survivors of violence is expected to be received and managed.

Venue (s) of each sub topic/theme/session/training/meeting in this month (Put actual venue, its village, parish, sub county and district)

    • Counseling room in main office Lira, Police station/out post in Dokolo, Alebtong, Kole, Lira and Apac, office of probation and CDO’s in Lira, Alebtong, Dokolo, Kole and Apac.

Responsible person (s) to handle each sub topic/theme/session/training/meeting in this month (Put name and Title)

    • Probation officers, Occa Jackson, Okello Piers,
    • Community Development Officer- Alwedo Moly, Sara Acen, Franko
    • Police in charge of children: Akello Josephine, Margaret, Akao Mary, Okello Francis, Odur Micheal , Akullu Beatrice.
    • Project officer-FAPAD

Expected Immediate output (s)/outcome (s)/result (s) arising out of conducting each sub topic/theme/session/item/meeting etc

Expected output                                                  Expected outcomes

    • # of cases received and managed                    – re-union of broken families
    • # of families visited & counseled                        – Shared responsibilities

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