We work with schools, parents, students and local leaders to monitor, track and improve the state of learning facilities, encourage enrollment and retention of students. See the list of schools we work with and catch up with what we are up to at this time.

Kole district: Okwor, Apii-oguru, Alito leper, Okwerodot primary schools.

Oyam district: Angwetta, Aringodyang, Aceno, Akwangi, Ngai, Itubara, Adigo primary schools

Our current interventions

  • Hold Sectoral Monitoring and Sensitization with Health and Education
  • Budget Monitoring visits and advocacy
  • Conduct Interface meetings between citizens and Leaders
  • Conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal exercises in Health and Education.

Lira district: Orem, Agali, Ocamoyang, Abunga, Ayamo, Atimikoma, Orit, Coorom primary school.

Community  sensitization

Community  sensitization1

Community sensitization by sector members at Itubara primary and Pupil studying under tress at Barrio primary school after the roof was blown off by wind.