Do you know that our potential to create sustainable sources of income is, to a large extent, responsible for the endemic food and income insecurity in the region? Do you know that we could turn our economy around, create employment for everyone and improve our wellbeing? Then join FAPAD’s initiative to create and develop value chains, market facilities and loan and savings facilities.\r\n\r\nCurrently we have supported 64,045 households comprising of unemployed youths. We work with local artisans and Agro BTVET to provide them with technical skills in tailoring, bakery, hair dressing, carpentry and joinery, motorcycle and bicycle repair, catering, and electronic repairs (phones, radios, DVD etc).\r\n\r\nWe are continuing to support 1162 households in two Sub Counties in Otuke and Alebtong Districts.

fapad-Entrepreneurship\r\nYouth in Amach enhance their skills for better livelihoods