Since 2009, Good Governance department has supported sector committees and built the capacity of local government councils and empowered citizens through a wide range of approaches in:

  • 4 Districts (Kole, Oyam, Lira, and Amolatar)
  • 31 Sub counties
  • 91 Parishes

Reached out directly to12,600 women and 7,278 men.

Indirectly reached out to 25,000 women and 28,300 men majorly within Lango sub region.

Staff house constructed by parents of Ocamonyang primary school following FAPAD’s intervention through Good Governance Department


  • 756 members of the parish development committees
  • 150 health management unit committee members
  • 455 local government councilors at both district and sub county levels.

In 2016, the department also engaged members of Parliament from the Kigezi, Westnile, Teso, Lango and Acholi sub regions to advocate for pro-people policies in respect to citizens' outcry for police reforms in Uganda.

We have mobilized the ordinary women and men in our target areas through effective citizenship skills building and as a result, majority of them currently not only participate in decision making processes but monitor status of service delivery and utilization of public resources; and are capably hold their duty bearers to account.
These communities utilize different engagement platforms in their communities through writing petitions, engaging local government line committees, councils and their councilors to take action on critical issues affecting their access to quality services and welfare.

Lira DEO in conjunction with FAPAD Good Governance dep[artment facilitate capacity building session of SMCs and PTAs - Agali Primary school

“FAPAD has been key in shaping the women's agenda to participate in decision making processes. Today, our opinion counts and lam the vice chairperson, sub-county area land committee". - Mrs Rose Ojok Agali sub county.

Some sub county local government councils cannot effectively deliberate and formulate pro-people polices due to poor quality of debate.
Upon several engagements and capacity building initiatives, there has been an improvement by these structures in our target areas in playing their over sight roles and function. Today, they have become more responsive to citizens needs and concerns in their communities.

Citizens now participate in key decision making processes such as the local government budget and planning processes unlike before. However, this change is limited to the areas we have worked in, and even still, the changing faces of new local councilors elected in every general election poses challenges that necessitate capacity enrichment.

Advocacy has been a very important area of our programme. As such we have been able to build a strong and reliable relationship with our target sub county and district local governments. The non-confrontational approach to our work has been key in enabling the department achieve visible results.

We supported sub county local government budget processes, sub county and district committee meetings and monitoring activities and effectively used these plat forms to seek for duty bearers' actions including resource allocation to priority areas in the best interest of our communities.
Partner support to FAPAD over the years

  • Trocaire: Building communities for accountable governance in Lango 2010-2013
  • National Endowment for Democracy-(NED): Strengthening grass roots participation in good governance 2010-2011
  • Trocaire: Enhancing accountable governance for socio-economic justice in Uganda 2011-2012
  • Foundation for open society initiative — (FOSI) Empowerment of communities in promoting women's human rights and good governance in Lango 2012-2013
  • Foundation for open society initiative - (FOSI) Strengthening governance and access to justice for women and other vulnerable persons in post conflict Lango 2014- 2015
  • National Endowment for Democracy-(NED) Citizens initiative for police reform in Uganda 2015- date
  • Trocaire: Strengthening access to quality service delivery by women and men in Lango sub region 2015-2017