Our community interface platforms are not popular for nothing! They regularly bring together community members, their local leaders and employees of public health facilities to account for the state of service delivery in the facilities. Here, policy, legal and implementation gaps are identified, resources mapped and a framework for monitoring and tracking is reviewed for effective follow up. Please click here to see the list of health facilities that have benefited from the interface and Accountability platforms in Lango.

Kole district: Okole, Ayer, Bung, Ayara health centre’s II and Alito health centre III.

Oyam district: Minakulu health centre II, Ngai Health Centre III, Ariba health, Akwangi and Minakulu health centre III.

Lira district: Abunga health centre II, Onywako health centre II, Agali Health centre III, Barr Health centre III, Abala health centre III, Ogur Health centre IV, Amach health centre IV).

Monitoring service delivery at Ogur health centre IV
Monitoring service delivery at Ogur health centre IV