Protection of children

Family group conferencing: For every child at risk of deprivation and violence, we create a platform for preventive dialogues as an early warning system. We conference with families and local leaders to avert the risk sustainably and ensure the nurturing of long term solutions at family and community level. This approach strengthens family and community coping mechanisms, ensuring families and local leaders are accountable for the wellbeing of all children.See our social workers at it this month.

  • Babra Bridget Otuku
  • Stephen Louis Obote



Time to talk: A Family meeting moderated by FAPAD in Olanyotai village of Aduku sub-county

Safe school environment: We work with all stakeholders in schools to ensure a safe learning environment, equality and respect for all children. Here, we facilitate the school community to create and strengthen forums for dialogues between students, teachers and parents. We provide materials and information on rights of children to all children, teachers and the school management and policy-making bodies. Want to know which schools are currently on our radar?

S/N Name of target primary schools Sub-county District
1 Awelo Adeknino Dokolo
2 Adeknino Adeknino Dokolo
3 Aridi Adeknino Dokolo
4 Owor Adeknino Dokolo
5 Angeta Omoro Alebtong
6 Ogile Omoro Alebtong
7 Ocokober Omoro Alebtong
8 Alolololo Omoro Alebtong
9 Omarari Omoro Alebtong
10 Abukamola Amugu Alebtong
11 Abunga Amugu Alebtong
12 Ewal Amugu Alebtong
13 Wigweng Agweng Lira
14 Abala Agweng Lira
15 Angolochom Agweng Lira
16 Agak Agweng Lira
17 Orit Aromo Lira
18 Walela Aromo Lira
19 Odoro Aromo Lira
20 Apua Aromo Lira
21 Achutkumu Aromo Lira
22 Awumi Bala Kole
23 Aberdyangoto Bala Kole
24 Bala Bala Kole
25 Alito Alito Kole
26 Ayara Alito Kole
27 Apiioguru Alito Kole
28 Aboko Aduku Apac
29 Apire Aduku Apac
30 Ageni Okwongodul Dokolo
31 Aneralibi Okwongodul Dokolo
32 Aporwegi Okwongodul Dokolo
33 Ikwera Aduku Apac
34 Apenyoweo Aduku Apac
35 Anyachoto Aduku Apac

We ensure that the affected people are always at the forefront of identifying problems and solutions. We work with more than 1,700 volunteers embedded within villages and communities. These men and women of high repute have formed their own informal groups to help them coordinate and address child protection problems holistically. Together, we refer to them as Community Peace Promoters (CPP) and Child protection Committee (CPC).

FAPAD regularly provides them with tools and materials to enable them effectively mobilise and support their communities on child protection.

We train and mentor them in monitoring the status of children’s welfare in their respective communities.

FAPAD gives them back-stopping support; helping them develop tools for sensitization in their communities, monitoring and tracking of public resources, alternative dispute resolution, counseling and guidance, and making referrals.

With CPP and CPC in place, we ensure community ownership, wider coverage and sustainability of our interventions. See what the CPP and CPC are actively engaged in this month.

  • Counseling and guidance
  • Dialogue meetings
  • Family group meetings/conferencing
  • Monitoring and Follow up support to clients
  • Community awareness creation on human rights
  • Reporting and Referrals to other institutions (Health centers, police and clan leaders etc)

Community peace promoters

Community peace promoters1

Community peace promoters and the local leaders carrying out a community dialogue to settle domestic problems within families in Apac sub-county

We offer counseling services in all our branches in Lango. Below is a list of our counseling desk in Lira today.

  • Stephen Louis Obote – Male
  • Babra Bridget Otuku – Female

Prevention of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV)

Gender inequalities in Lango: We work with men and women, boys and girls to fight back at gender inequalities that still affect women and girls. In particular, we provide information and support services to protect women and girls’ rights to Land, Education and Health.

Sexual violence: Women and girls in Lango face varying degrees of sexual violence. Their everyday life is confronted with rape, assault, early and child marriages. We work with the CPC and CPP and engage women, girls, families, churches, schools, police and courts of Law to popularize prevention of sexual violence in the region. We collaborate and support local government structures and traditional or clan leadership to strengthen prevention as well as provide support to survivors. We run a counseling and guidance desk for survivors of SGBV in Lira. See who is at the desk today.

  • Stephen Louis Obote
  • Babra Bridget Otuku