Village Savings and Loans Association (Bol I cup) – VSLA

We work with beneficiaries of our entrepreneurial and agronomical actions to grow local village banking facilities. Oh yes, individuals and groups have come up together to set up their own VSLA.\r\n\r\nWe have integrated VSLAs in all the 514 farmer groups we work with in Lango. These VSLAs also act as our entry points for formation of small marketing associations for farmers produce.\r\n\r\nOur VSLA groups are saving an average of UGX 8,000,000 every 12 months. 1\r\n


  • 5 farmer groups (4 in Kole and 11 in Amolatar) shared out a total of 32,843,000/=
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  • 3 groups (2 PHH and 1 FHH) in Amolatar opened bank accounts with Post Bank Uganda Limited.
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  • 106 groups [31 in Kole, 37 in Oyam and 38 in Amolatar] have accumulated a total saving of 87,430,500/=.
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\r\nBorrowing of loans/credits from the VSLA pool is helping households own assets, meet their food needs, pay school fees for their children, pay for medication and operate small businesses.

A track loaded with sorghum\r\nA track loaded with sorghum produce from one of the bulking centers in Agali, Lira district

Women of Kicarwot\r\nWomen of Kicarwot farmer group in Barr, Lira enjoy the moment in their savings group