Who we are

FAPAD works for a peaceful society in which people respect each others’ rights. FAPAD facilitates individuals and groups to promote and protect rights as well as enhance their wellbeing. We work in eight districts in Uganda, all of which comprise the Lango region in northern Uganda. While our programmes are all embracing, we deliberately target women, children, and populations pruned to conflicts and food insecurity. In all our work, we take rights-based and conflict sensitive approaches. In this way, we not only ensure that beneficiaries understand and take charge of their situations but are also able to prevent new conflicts from emerging.

FAPAD continues to nurture and strengthen efforts at realizing its purpose: to facilitate empowerment of individuals and their communities so they can promote their rights and achieve sustainable livelihoods. FAPAD upholds the Uganda Children’s Act and the regional and international legal framework that have been put in place to safeguard the rights of all children. We place children in the centre of our work. We ensure we work with local authorities to promote accountability for the survival, proper growth and development of all children. We promote equality for all people who face discrimination, and other injustices. Here we particularly provide legal aid services to survivors of violence, deprivation and discrimination.

FAPAD has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable livelihoods among post war families. We work with individuals and groups to promote their skills, provide information, create linkages and inputs for agronomical practices that can get them out of poverty and food insecurity. We work with youth to broaden opportunities for employment. In particular, we offer mentorship in entreprenueral skills, provide start-up kits and create linkages and other support mechanisms to unemployed youths for post conflict communities. FAPAD promotes all of the tenets of good governance. In particular, we work with communities to strengthen social downward accountability in public service and political leadership. We particularly focus on policing, education and health sectors. We are a Non Governmental Organization. We work for peace and the promotion of human rights. We have been active on the post conflict scene in northern Uganda since 2004.

Our programs are spread across all eight districts of Lango region. We work to facilitate communities to cultivate sustainable peace and development.

FAPAD works for a peaceful society

A child neglected in Olanyotai village of Aduku sub-county in Apac district