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BD Project Baseline Survey

BD Project Baseline Survey

BD Project Baseline Survey

Team of enumerators ready for data collection to establish the baseline for the BD project. This is a five-year (2022-2026) project focusing on enhancing the food, nutrition, and income security of family farmer households on resilient and productive farms. The outcome of this project is being achieved through the promotion of Agroecology. “Agroecology is applying ecological principles to agricultural practices and systems. This includes the design, development, and management of these systems”.

FAPAD is implementing this project in the two sub counties of Muntu and Awelo in Amolatar district, northern Uganda targeting 1000 households comprising 400 males and 600 females. We are also indirectly targeting 25,000 households reached through mass and media engagements.

Base Line Survey – Targets

FAPAD is doing lobby and advocacy by opening up spaces for uptake and upscaling of agroecological and sustainable farming systems by family farmer households, community, institutions, and local governments. In ensuring this, we are contributing to three (3) pathways of change in the country (Uganda) program, which include; Agroecology related policy frameworks, Agro-ecology, sustainable farming and gender equality, and access to resources/social justice.

FAPADFacilitation for Peace and Development

We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that relies on donations from individuals and organizations. These funds, which vary annually, are primarily used to fund programs and interventions and support the running of the organization.