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Introductory safeguarding training for Rights and Justice Activity (RAJA) Partners in Uganda

Introductory safeguarding training for Rights and Justice Activity (RAJA) Partners in Uganda

Introductory safeguarding training for Rights and Justice Activity (RAJA) Partners in Uganda

The safeguarding training was about Sexual, Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH). Safeguarding is for both children and adults. Organizations and communities are responsible for preventing SEAH, and when it happened, where should it be reported or how it should be handled. The training exposed organizations to set up policies, and revise policies and legal frameworks nationally and internationally. The training is supposed to benefit all staff and beneficiaries as we execute our duties in the respective places of our work. The training is also supposed to be replicated in their organizations. This training was organized by Freedom House with support from USAID through Legal Aid and Service Providers Network (LAPSNET) were about 25 implementing partners were in attendance from different parts of the country. It was conducted at Mansions Hotel from the 15th to 18th August 2022.

FAPAD is a member of the legal aid sub-group that has been implementing an advocacy project aimed at ‘improving access to justice for indigent men, women, children and other vulnerable populations and promotion of the respect for rights and the rule of law in Uganda’ In Lango FAPAD is ‘specifically contributing to the objective foster collaboration between formal and informal justice systems to enhance access to justice

During the training, the participant’s shared foundational knowledge on safeguarding and we were able to appreciate its added value to your personal life and work both for children and adults. It does not matter where you work and what you do. Safeguarding is both a personal and organizational journey that not only improves you but also your home, organization and community.

Participants and organizations were encouraged to put in place safeguarding policies, revisit existing policies, do organization audits about safeguards and engage in action planning for organizations. The representatives were given the tasks to go and do in-house training for their respective organizations, get a Focal Point person or Human Resource to oversee safeguarding, organizations to set up budgets that safeguarding activities can access during the activities e.g. if a child has to be pricked from a place to another, fuel and driver logistics must be readily available. Organizations were tasked to set up services like child-play rooms with toys for clients who come with children to offices, and develop assessment forms before the activity is implemented in a place to check the safety of children while in the activity,  more meaningful contributions in this area of safeguarding.

FAPAD was represented by Ruth Abwot, Project Assistant from the department of Gender Justice. She reported on the training and has since started, the in-house training with FAPAD staff on 2nd September 2022 with the hope of subsequent training to bring all staff on board concerning safeguarding. FAPAD is currently reviewing its safeguarding policies and making assessments to integrate what needs to be included for all to be safeguarded while performing their duties.

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We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that relies on donations from individuals and organizations. These funds, which vary annually, are primarily used to fund programs and interventions and support the running of the organization.