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Making money out of yao-lango’s hidden treasure

Making money out of yao-lango’s hidden treasure

Making money out of yao-lango’s hidden treasure

We are members of “Can Omiya Diro women’s group” says Florence Otongo, chairperson. “Can me ngec” loosely meaning lack of knowledge/skills gave birth to this group in 2012 with a total of 30 (25 F and 5 M) members. We are located in Atangwata parish, Ogor sub-county, Otuke District.

The 30 members include 4 Community Based Monitors who were integrated in to the group based on their active and direct involvement in promoting and conserving the environment particularly the Shea trees from which the shea nuts (raw materials for processing shea products are obtained).

FAPAD through funding from CARE, formed and facilitated training on Village Savings and Loans Association methodology and later supported the group with startup VSLA kits under PfR I.

Initially, “we were two most organized VSLA groups in Ogor sub-county, which FAPAD trained on Shea value addition. Through Kidepo Critical Land Scape project funded by UNDP/NEMA our group was given a Shea butter processing machines we were also constructed a display stall for products” the chairperson further explained.

Each member of the group was tasked to contribute 30 cups of Shea seeds as a contribution for the start of running the machine. The money got from sales of processed Shea products was bought with more Shea seeds and stocked.

Our group now buys Shea seeds directly from the local markets.
With the presence of the machine now, we can process and package cholesterol free Shea cooking oil, both cold and hot press varieties. We are also processing creams, lotions and soaps and are pictured below.

We as a group agreed that instead of keeping cash from profits, use part of the profit to stock more Shea nut seeds for continuous running of the machine and meeting customers’ demands.

Unlike before we got the machine, each member now is able to go back home with 30,000/= monthly.

Our future plan is to certify our business with the UBOS of which we have started drafting a business plan together with the help of the finance officer of Otuke District Local Government, we also plan to lobby for funds/ more capital from the more organization to invest in packaging and production items which are expensive.