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Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership

Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership

Strengthening Policy and Practice for Integrated Risk Management in Otuke District

Funding Partner: Care International in Uganda
Project Duration: Apr 2019-Nov 2019
Geographic Scope: Otuke District

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), midterm review report of 2014, the upper Aswa-Agago sub-catchment areas comprising Otuke, Alebtong and Agago districts located in semi-arid areas of Uganda face multiple challenges including recurring droughts that trigger and exacerbate land degradation and hinder development and livelihood strategies. A study undertaken by CARE’s Partners for Resilience (2011) revealed an increasing trend in temperatures and variation in rainfall patterns in Otuke district. CARE’s findings correspond with FAPAD’s survey report on climate change, disaster loss and damages of 2018 which also indicates an increased frequency of extreme weather events such as floods, hail storms, prolonged dry spells, and extreme heat. This attributed to human activities such as wetland encroachment, tree cutting and massive bush burning and overgrazing.

The presence of relevant policies on National Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness Management, Wetland Management and Tree planting Act, coupled with Otuke District’s Natural Resources Bill will provide an opportunity for effective engagement of key stakeholders to lobby and improve the allocation of funds to the natural resources department and ensure implementation of these policies. These processes will progressively achieve desired outcomes through advocacy and dialogues to ensure integration of Integrated Risk Management into the sub-county and district plans and budgets.