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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

We work for a resilient world

Our Mission

We work with people and communities to harness personal and collective resources within their environment to address adversities and move forward in support of their wellbeing.

Our Core Values

We are a grassroots-driven organisation. We strive to maximise the resources of our target groups in accordance with our vision and mission statements. While our intention is to serve and see tangible and sustainable changes in northern Uganda, we are aware that our actions may have implications beyond the region. Our innovations have a national focus with clear linkages to regional and global concerns. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision-making with FAPAD we feel it is important to set forth the core values of the organization:

  • Leadership

    FAPAD strives to be on the leading edge of shaping an agenda for a resilient world.

  • Cooperation & Collaboration

    FAPAD recognizes the benefits that accrue to our beneficiaries, our staff and our partners when we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.

  • Adaptability

    FAPAD intends to be a nimble, flexible and dynamic organisation, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of target groups in a changing environment and the shifting landscape of technology.

  • Diversity

    FAPAD celebrates diversity in its everyday work. Its target beneficiaries include juveniles, women, youth, and people with disabilities. FAPAD recognizes that these target populations may have diverse issues, disparate resilience resources and distinct needs. Decisions undertaken on behalf of these categories are made with the greatest respect and support of these differences

  • Equity

    FAPAD recognises and seeks to tap into different representations of power plays to shape respectable, supportive and enduring relationships between people of different ages, gender, and perspectives.