Title: Promoting Food Sovereignty for Food insecure households

Main Title: "Joel Orec’s vision for commercial farming”

Description: Food & income security

The project targets 1000 farmers’ households, with 104 farmers so far identified and trained as the first-generation Innovative farmers. Farmers in Amolatar engage in both livestock and crop production throughout the year. The area has two rainy seasons, eighty-two farmers were visited and all farmers reported improved production in second season. With the introduction of a maize huller machine 700 – 3,000 kilograms per day of maize can be processed to produce super flour. The farmer households in Amolatar are going the right direction to achieving improved food-nutrition and income security. Joel Orec is one of the lead farmers on maize production, whose vision is for commercial farming with the aim of improving storage, processing, marketing and value addition.