Social Justice

Fair and Equitable Distribution of Resources, Opportunities, and Rights within a Society.

Promotion of Climate Justice.

Climate justice is a key component of our programming. We will address community marginalisation and create a just and sustainable future for everyone by strengthening climate resilience, ensuring equitable access to resources, advocating for climate policy, and raising awareness. We believe that through collaborative partnerships and inclusive approaches, we can create a society in which every individual, regardless of their identity, can thrive, while also combating the global threat of climate change.

Promotion of Land Tenure Security.

Land tenure security as the legal and social protection of individuals or communities’ rights to occupy, use and control land and other natural resources. Marginalised communities in Lango often face challenges in securing their land rights, which can lead to land grabbing, displacement and unequal access to resources. This initiative aims to empower these communities, protect their land rights and foster sustainable development by addressing historical injustices and systemic inequalities in land governance through advocating for inclusive land policies, facilitating legal support services and enhancing the capacity of local institutions responsible for land governance and conflict management through peaceful resolutions.

Advancing the Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights of Children (SRHR Children)

children, as vulnerable members of society, require particular attention and protection in this regard. Addressing the SRHR of children will not only promote their well-being but also contribute to the larger goal of building a just and equitable society.

Holding Government accountable.

Lango Sub-region is home to several marginalised communities that have historically struggled with limited access to quality and quantity of government services. Promoting government accountability is crucial in addressing their challenges. Holding the government accountable involves ensuring transparency, participation, and responsiveness in the delivery of services.



Building Climate Resilience

At the heart of our program lies the endeavour to enhance climate resilience across the Lango sub-region. We actively collaborate with local communities, governmental bodies and relevant stakeholders to develop and implement climate adaptation strategies. These initiatives encompass the dissemination of climate information, promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting the adoption of resilient technologies. By equipping communities with the necessary tools and knowledge, we empower them to withstand the adverse impacts of climate change and proactively adapt to a changing environment.

Advocating for Climate Policy and Governance

To achieve lasting change, we recognize the crucial role of policy advocacy and governance in addressing climate justice issues. We shall work closely with local and national authorities to advocate for policies that prioritize climate action, promote renewable energy and safeguard natural resources. By actively engaging in policy dialogues and collaborations, we aim to influence decision-making processes and ensure that climate justice considerations are integrated into legislation and governance frameworks. Our goal is to create an enabling environment where climate justice is at the forefront of policy agendas, leading to tangible and equitable outcomes for the Lango sub-region.

Ensuring Equitable Access to Resources

We firmly believe that climate justice requires equal access to resources for all members of society. In Lango sub-region, we strive to address socio-economic disparities by promoting inclusive policies and programs. Our efforts focus on securing sustainable livelihoods for marginalized groups, including small-scale farmers, women and youth, through the provision of training, capacity building and access to financing opportunities. By promoting equitable distribution of resources, we aim to mitigate the disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities and foster a more just and resilient society.