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Organisation Coordinator

Dr. Allen Kiconco

Executive Director

Dr. Allen Kiconco has been serving as the Executive Director at FAPAD since September 2023. She provides leadership and strategic management to the dedicated management team, playing a pivotal role in the organization. Allen has a PhD in African Studies, an MSc in Disaster Management, and a Bachelor's in Economics. With over a decade of hands-on experience, she has specialized in gender and violence work, focusing on the experiences of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict settings. Allen's remarkable track record extends from academia to practical implementation. She has successfully coordinated and managed international projects, demonstrating her expertise in project management, organizational development, research management, advocacy, and mentorship. With a distinguished career in research and management, Allen is a driving force behind FAPAD's mission. She spearheads efforts to promote sustainable livelihoods, social justice, and research publications to empower women, children, youth, and vulnerable communities. Allen Kiconco | LinkedIn Allen Kiconco (@Kiconcoa) / X ( Linkedin Twitter

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Jane Smith

Ms. Achot Grace Akullu

Programme Manager

Achot Grace Akullu is a professional qualified person and highly experienced Advocate of the High Court of Uganda with a distinguished knowledge on human rights, Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, land matters, with a dedicated heart for the vulnerable persons especially women, the Aged (elders), persons with disability and children in Lango sub region and around Uganda. She is a committed and dedicated person who performs her duties and responsibilities with professionalism and enthusiasm towards achieving a desired goal. Achot has worked with Facilitation for Peace and Development, FAPAD for a decade with the profound love and passion for the vulnerable communities aiding their ability and capacity to access justice through peace building mechanisms; Mediations, family group conferencing, Dialogues, Guidance and Counseling, and other legal aid services such as, Mobile Legal Aid services and where all these failed, Legal representation before the courts of Law. As a result of Grace outstanding knowledge in the Natural resources including land rights, She has represented FAPAD in many Forums at both National and International levels Achot has worked for FAPAD in different positions but right now, she is serving as the Program Manager/Senior Legal Officer of FAPAD with supervisory roles of the Programs and working together with the project officers in pushing forward the strategic objectives of FAPAD at both Local, Regional, National and International levels. She is proud of her human rights work with a passion of changing life for the vulnerable persons. .

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Jane Smith

Ms. Akello Joyce Eunice

Finance and Adminsitration Manager

Ms. Akello Joyce Eunice has been serving as the Finance and Administration Manager for nearly a decade. In her role, she offers top-level guidance, sets strategic goals, and oversees the performance of the Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources. With a career spanning over 10 years, she is a highly skilled financial management professional with expertise in finance, accounting, auditing, human resources, and administration within the non-profit sector. She collaborates with government entities, CSOs, and private organizations to achieve common goals. Her proficiency lies in executing efficient accounting practices, grants management strategies, and HR management, ensuring optimal Financial controls and Management of programs, as such implementing efficient and effective processes. Joyce holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo university, Post graduate diploma in Financial Management and Human Resource Management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI). As a trained accountant, she is acquainted with the pronouncement of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, as a network of Accounting professions which is pivotal for the Financial functionality of an Organization.