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  • Regional leaders (Karamoja, Lango and Teso) committing to promote access to quality seeds for small-scale farmers
  • Director operations of the UPF committing himself during the national dialogue on policing
  • Community Liaison Officer –Lira sensitizing the community during a community dialogue
  • Office of the RDC-Lira jointly with local leaders and community monitoring progress of Kaguta bridge
  • Boundary mapping in Adekokwok Sub County
  • Local communities participating in annual local government planning and budgeting processes

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STRATEGIC PLAN 2019 - 2023

Since 2004, We have been working at the grassroots in northern Uganda to promote human rights, the rule of law and enhance livelihoods. Our actions have opened up spaces for new learnings about gender, rights, and governance and how these concepts can be turned into game-changers in promoting the welfare and dignity of women, children and other vulnerable people.

Our focus has been on human actions or inactions that keep children, women and other vulnerable persons at the margins of society. This strategic plan recognizes the importance of personal and collective resources within our environment that need to be harnessed, consolidated to address adversities that continue to shape every day of children and women in our world.